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In 2021, began operating and overseeing its very own network, aptly named The Ultra Network. This cutting-edge infrastructure was meticulously crafted from scratch using only the latest in hardware and network standards. This has afforded us unprecedented autonomy in making strategic decisions that cater to our unique business needs, ultimately culminating in an unrivaled customer experience for you. We are pleased to announce that as a result, all third-party infrastructure in our network pool has been decommissioned.

The Ultra Network has three network locations. Singapore, Canada and The Netherlands. The individual location options are for customers who PRIORITISE home speed and streaming to their home. If you purchase a CA/SG location, services and servers that are based in Europe will not be as fast as the Netherlands location due to peering.

The Ultra Network

Location: Netherlands

When running speedtests, we highly recommend that you only enable Multistream if you use multithreaded downloads. Streaming is single threaded!

Location: Singapore

Our Singapore location does not have networking tools and looking glass. Traffic is automatically optimised on the backend.

  • Servers: Bedok and Merlion
  • Speedtest File: 100MB, 1000MB

Location: Canada

Just like our Singapore location, the Canada location does not have a networking page or looking glass as it's optimised automatically on the fly.

  • Servers: Niagara, Nunavut, Winnipeg, Huron and Yukon
  • Speedtest File: 100MB, 1000MB