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Rclone Complete Uninstallation Guide

In this guide we will be doing a complete uninstall of rclone. Such that all user configuration is deleted and rclone can be setup again from the start.

It is assumed that the setup was done according to our MergerFS guide located here: Rclone VFS and MergerFS Setup This uninstallation guide will only work if you had installed rclone following this guide.

We will be using SSH most of this guide, if you are unfamiliar with SSH we have a detailed guide located here: How to connect to your slot via SSH

Rclone Uninstall Steps

#1 Stop any applications that are currently utilizing your mounts such as Plex, Radarr, Sonarr, etc.

  • Log into your Ultra Control Panel.
  • Stop all applications that utilize rclone mounts.

You can alternatively do the same on SSH as well.

Command template to stop applications.

app-{name} stop

Example command that would stop Sonarr.

app-sonarr stop

#2 Disable your currently running rclone/mergerfs systemd services.

  • Check for all the rclone related services.
ls ~/.config/systemd/users/
  • Disable all of them. Services disabled with example names in the command below.
systemctl --user disable --now rclone-vfs.service rclone-normal.service rclone-uploader.service rclone-uploader.timer mergerfs.service

#3 Terminate any mergerfs/rclone processes.

killall mergerfs && killall rclone

#4 Unfuse the mounts.

fusermount -uz ~/MergerFS && fusermount -uz ~/Stuff/Mount

#5 Confirm mounts are offline.

mount | grep $USER

The above command should not return any output.

#6 WARNING : Data loss possible.

You may still have data located within ~/Stuff/Local that is still waiting to be uploaded to your remote storage. If you wish to keep this data you will need to move it outside of ~/Stuff/Local first!! before performing the next step.

#7 Remove mount directories.

Only after they are verified to be empty per steps 5 and 6 above.

rm -rf ~/Stuff ~/MergerFS

#8 Remove any systemd files related to rclone/mergerfs.

rm -rf ~/.config/systemd/user/rclone* ~/.config/systemd/user/mergerfs*

#9 Remove any binaries related to rclone/mergerfs.

rm -rf ~/bin/mount.mergerfs ~/bin/mergerfs ~/bin/rclone

#10 Remove your rclone config file.

rm -rf ~/.config/rclone/rclone.conf

#11 Finally, reload your systemd.

systemctl --user daemon-reload

If all steps were followed above, your slot will be as if rclone was never there and ready to start fresh again with a new rclone/mergerfs workflow if desired.