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Extra Upload Bandwidth Addons

We offer extra upload bandwidth addons for clients that require more upload traffic than is available on our base plans.

Purchasing an Upload Traffic Addon

Extra upload bandwidth addons are a monthly subscription and will be up for renewal every month unless cancelled. Kindly go through the Cancelling an Upload Traffic Addon, and Cancellation Issues section given below if you only require the extra upload bandwidth for a limited time period.


  • Choose one of the addon amounts and select which service you want to add it to from the dropdown menu.
  • Then, click on the Order Now button.
  • After this, follow the on-screen instructions to complete your order.

Traffic Reset Date and Extra Traffic Addons

  • The upload traffic of your service resets on the Next traffic reset date give in the Overview tab of your Control Panel under Traffic Usage.


  • The extra upload bandwidth also refreshes on the same date. It does not reset according to its own monthly billing cycle.
  • For example, if the Next traffic reset date of your service is 2022-11-27 and you purchased an extra traffic addon on 2022-11-15, then the total upload traffic that your service has will be reset on 2022-11-27. The extra upload traffic will not reset separately on the traffic addons next due date i.e 2022-12-15. Instead, the next total traffic reset will occur on 2022-12-27.

Cancelling an Upload Traffic Addon

  • At this time, an upload traffic addon cancellation cannot be initiated from the Client Area.
  • Once the extra upload bandwidth addon is cancelled, the extra badwidth is immediately removed from your service.
  • You must open a support ticket to have your addon cancelled. We recommend opening the ticket on the due date of your extra upload traffic addon such that the extra upload bandwidth is only removed after you have had it for the entire billing period.
  • You can check the due date of your extra upload bandwidth addon by visiting the My Invoices page in your Client Area once it's invoice is generated.
  • Alternatively, not paying your addon invoice will also get it cancelled automatically past it's due date.

Cancellation Issues

  • If you inadvertently set up the automatic renewal of your extra upload bandwidth addon, it maybe renewed before you have the chance to cancel it.
  • This can happen if you have funds in your credit balance or if your payment method is Stripe(Credit/Debit card).
  • The funds in your credit balance would automatically pay the addon invoice as soon as it is generated, and in the case of Stripe, as long as you have your card details saved in your Client Area, an automatic payment attempt will occur when the invoice is generated.
  • Due to this, we recommend using PayPal One-Time payment to pay your addon related invoices.
  • In case the traffic addon is renewd inadvertently, please open a support ticket. We are here to help you sort out the situation.