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ZNC Is an IRC network bouncer or BNC that is written in C++. It can detach the client from the actual IRC server and also from selected channels. Multiple clients from different locations can simultaneously connect to a single ZNC account and, therefore, appear under the same nickname on IRC. It has the following main features:

  • SSL secured connections
  • ZNC will remain connected to IRC even while you are offline
  • Multiple users support
  • Per Channel Playback Buffers
  • Modules support

For more information, you can visit this link.

In this guide, you'll be setting up ZNC and adding your first Network. Listed are the goals of this tutorial:

  • Your username for ZNC will be your service username and the password you set during the install procedure.
  • Setting up global and network modules
  • Adding your first IRC network
  • Connecting your ZNC browser to your IRC client

Setting your first IRC Server to ZNC

  • First, go to Your Settings from the right-hand side list of settings.

  • Then, on the same page under IRC Information edit the following information listed according to your preferences.

    • Nickname
    • Alt. Nickname
    • Ident (Username)
    • Realname
    • Quit message
  • This section will apply said information to all future networks.

    • You can also set different nicks, idents, and such per network.
  • Once that's done, scroll down to the bottom and click Save and Continue

  • To create your first ZNC Network (your IRC Network) by clicking Add under Your Settings -> Network

  • Set a name. In this setup, we'll be connecting to Freenode. We'll name this first network Freenode.

    • If you have registered on this IRC network or you prefer another nick/ident for this Network, you may change so here.
  • Uncheck `Connect to IRC & automatically re-connect.

  • On Servers of this IRC network, click Add

  • Then add the hostname and the port of the IRC network you're connecting with.

    • If you're registered, DO NOT put your server/NickServ password in the Password field
  • Scroll down a bit and check the modules you need.

  • Listed below are our recommended modules. Your choice of modules may vary, depending on your needs.

    • crypt
      • It encrypts channel/private messages
    • keepnick
      • This module keeps on trying to get your preferred nick
    • kickrejoin
      • Automatically rejoin channels after being kicked
    • modules_online
      • Makes ZNC's *modules to be "online"
        • This is useful if you're using multiple IRC clients connected to ZNC
    • route_replies
      • It send replies (e.g. to /who) to the right client-only,
      • Prevents the client to excessively send /who requests
      • It is also useful if you're using multiple IRC clients
    • sasl or nickserv
      • This is where you'll put your IRC password

If you're using sasl, you'll put your IRC credentials under the Network modules of your Network.

You'll see this on either the left or right-hand side of the page (depending on the theme) after you have saved your config.

If you're using nickserv, input your IRC password on the textbox beside it

  • perform

    • It executes your set commands after ZNC is successfully connected to the IRC network
  • Click save and continue to save your changes.

  • Now you'll notice a message on the top of the page saying, "To connect to this network from your IRC client, you can set the server password field as admin/network_name:<znc_password> or username field as username/network_name." Take note of that.

Connecting your IRC Client to ZNC


  • Open hexchat and make sure that your Hexchat username the same as the one you set on ZNC

  • Open Network List and click Add. Type any name you want and hit Enter.

  • Highlight the Network you just made and Click Edit

  • Click the text named newserver/6667 and input there {servername}{ZNC_webui_port}, inputting your server's hostname and the ZNC port shown on UCP. Please Note the plus sign (+) is required for SSL which is now a requirement at

  • Example of Server to add:

  • Then check the following

    • Connect to this Network automatically
    • Use SSL for all the servers on this network
    • Accept invalid SSL certificates
  • Uncheck Use global user information, and on the User name field, put in username/network_name, replacing network_name with the name you set in ZNC

  • In login method, select Server password (/PASS password)

  • On Password, input your set ZNC password.

  • Check if everything is correct. Once confirmed, Click Close, highlight your new Network and click Connect

  • You'll be connected to your ZNC browser if you'll see the message Welcome to ZNC

Initializing Connection from your ZNC bouncer to your IRC network

  • In your IRC window, type in /znc connect.

  • If configured correctly, you'll be greeted by your IRC network's Message of the Day.