Windows Ultra Slot Mounting is not responsible for any data loss or application errors due to this setup. We do not provide official support for local mounts set up with SSHFS-Win or any other software. You may visit our #community-support channel on our Discord server for assistance.

Mounting your service on a Windows OS local machine

To mount your service on a local Windows machine, you will first need to install SSHF-Win and WinFSP as dependencies.

Please make sure to remember to restart your PC after installing these 2 dependencies before proceeding to next steps.

After you have installed the 2 dependencies needed. You will then need to mount your service as a Mapped Network Drive.

You will now see your home path mounted at the drive letter you selected in the previous steps. If you selected Remember me then your mount will automatically be remounted upon restarting your Windows machine.

SSHFS-Win Manager

SSHFS-Win Manager is an application that lets you manage your SSHFS-Win mounts from a GUI.


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