Access your Ultra service with WebDAV

In this guide, we will show you how to access your Ultra service via the WebDAV protocol. For more information, follow this link.

Before you can use WebDAV, you need to reinstall your webserver. It can be done from the Overview tab on the UCP.

WebDAV is currently offered as a beta feature, and if it is deemed to disrupt our infrastructure, it will be removed from our service without notice.

Do note, data transferred over WebDAV WILL count towards your upload bandwidth quota.

Configure Network Drive


Note: Windows Explorer WebDAV mapped drives limit the maximum file size to approx, 4GB. If you intend to copy or stream files larger than that, please use an Rclone mount or other WebDAV client.

You will now see your home path mounted at the drive letter you selected in the previous steps. If you selected Remember my credentials then your WebDAV mount will automatically be remounted upon restarting your Windows machine.


Linux (Ubuntu)

The process of configuring a network drive on Linux will be different depending on what distro and packages you are using. But the general steps are as follows.


user@hostname:~$ rclone config
No remotes found - make a new one
n) New remote
s) Set configuration password
q) Quit config
Type of storage to configure.
Enter a string value—Press Enter for the default ("").
Choose a number from below, or type in your own value
50 / Uptobox
   \ (uptobox)
51 / WebDAV
   \ (webdav)
52 / Yandex Disk
   \ (yandex)
Option url.
URL of http host to connect to.
Enter a value.
Option vendor.
Name of the WebDAV site/service/software you are using.
Choose a number from below, or type in your own value.
Press Enter to leave empty.
 1 / Fastmail Files
   \ (fastmail)
 2 / Nextcloud
   \ (nextcloud)
 3 / Owncloud
   \ (owncloud)
 4 / Sharepoint Online, authenticated by Microsoft account
   \ (sharepoint)
 5 / Sharepoint with NTLM authentication, usually self-hosted or on-premises
   \ (sharepoint-ntlm)
 6 / rclone WebDAV server to serve a remote over HTTP via the WebDAV protocol
   \ (rclone)
 7 / Other site/service or software
   \ (other)
Option user.
User name.
In case NTLM authentication is used, the username should be in the format 'Domain\User'.
Enter a value. Press Enter to leave empty.
Option pass.
Choose an alternative below. Press Enter for the default (n).
y) Yes, type in my own password
g) Generate random password
n) No, leave this optional password blank (default)
y/g/n> y
Enter the password:
Confirm the password:
Option bearer_token.
Bearer token instead of user/pass (e.g. a Macaroon).
Enter a value. Press Enter to leave empty.
Edit advanced config?
y) Yes
n) No (default)
Configuration complete.
- type: webdav
- url:
- vendor: rclone
- user: username
- pass: *** ENCRYPTED ***
Keep this "ultra" remote?
y) Yes this is OK (default)
e) Edit this remote
d) Delete this remote
rclone lsd ultra:
user@hostname:~$ rclone lsd ultra:
          -1 2024-04-29 06:23:13        -1 bin
          -1 2024-04-16 11:01:42        -1 downloads
          -1 2024-04-16 15:04:29        -1 media
          -1 2023-12-03 20:10:21        -1 watch
          -1 2024-06-28 11:44:40        -1 webdav
          -1 2024-04-16 10:51:45        -1 www

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