External Backup Script using Rclone mount

This script will back up your application config files, databases, and torrent sessions (not the torrent data). For it to work you need an rclone mount set up on your service.

This is an unofficial script that is provided for your convenience. The script is provided as-is and may not be updated or maintained by Ultra.cc. Customers are welcome to use and customize unofficial scripts for their unique needs and requirements. Unofficial support may be offered via Discord only and at the sole discretion of Ultra.cc staff. Use at your own risk.



bash <(wget -qO- https://scripts.usbx.me/util/Ultra_Backup/installer.sh)




bash <(wget -qO- https://scripts.usbx.me/util/Ultra_Backup/installer.sh)

The script will ask you to confirm the uninstallation with YES or NO.

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Created 2 August 2023 20:18:25 by varg
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