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Application Update Notifier

The Application Update Notifier script will monitor the applications you have installed from the UCP. When a new update is available, a notification will be sent via Discord Webhook.

From time-to-time, freeze an application at a particular release due to bugs or instability in newer versions. This script cannot identify these situations.

This is an unofficial script that is provided for your convenience. The script is provided as-is and may not be updated or maintained by Customers are welcome to use and customize unofficial scripts for their unique needs and requirements. Unofficial support may be offered via Discord only and at the sole discretion of staff. Use at your own risk.


Before starting the installation, make sure to have a Discord Webhook URL ready. For more information on how to create one, follow this link.

  • Connect to your slot via SSH, see guide here
  • Once connected, execute the following command:
bash <(wget -qO-
  • Type confirm and press ENTER to confirm
  • Press 1 and ENTER to proceed with the installation (If the script is already installed, and you want to update the Discord Webhook URL, press 3 to upgrade the script)
  • Wait for the installation process to finish
  • Paste Discord Webhook URL and press ENTER

  • After the script has been successfully installed, a notification should appear on Discord, as the above image shows.
  • Done!


  • Execute the following command:
bash <(wget -qO-
  • Type confirm and press ENTER to confirm
  • Press 2 and ENTER to proceed the uninstallation
  • Press Y and ENTER to confirm
  • Done!