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This unofficial app installation script is provided for your convenience. The script is provided as-is and may not be updated or maintained by Customers are welcome to use and customize unofficial app installers for their unique needs and requirements. Unofficial support may be offered via Discord only and at the sole discretion of staff. Use at your own risk and only proceed if you are comfortable managing the application on your own.

Recyclarr is a command-line application that will automatically synchronize recommended settings from TRaSH guides to your Sonarr/Radarr instances.

  • Official documentation for Recyclarr can be found here.


  • Connect to your service via SSH
  • Once connected, execute the following command:
bash <(wget -qO-
  • Next, to install Recyclarr, press 1 and ENTER to confirm.
  • Done!


Before you can start using Recyclarr, you need to create at least one YAML configuration file. By following the below instructions, a minimal configuration file will be created at ~/.apps/recyclarr/recyclarr.yml. In this guide, we will only show the bare minimum needed to set up Recyclarr. For more information regarding configuration, see the wiki.

  • Create recyclarr.yml by executing the following command:
recyclarr config create
  • Next, to edit the configuration file, execute the following command to open recyclarr.yml in the Nano editor.
nano ~/.apps/recyclarr/recyclarr.yml
  • Next, edit base_url and api_key for Sonarr/Radarr. See below example:
    api_key: <YOUR_API_KEY_HERE>
  • Make sure to replace username and hostname with your specific username and hostname.
  • Also, make sure to set the correct Base URL for each section, e.g /radarr for the Radarr section, and /sonarr for the Sonarr section of the configuration file.
  • Lastly, replace <YOUR_API_KEY_HERE> for each section. The API key can be found in Settings > General in the webUI of Sonarr/Radarr.

At this point, the bare minimum needed for Recyclarr to work has been done, but before you run recyclarr sync we recommend that you do your own research and thouroghly read the Recyclarr wiki.


  • Connect to your service via SSH
  • Once connected, execute the following command:
bash <(wget -qO-
  • Next, to uninstall Recyclarr, press 2 and ENTER to confirm.
  • Done!