qBit Manage

This unofficial app installation guide is provided for your convenience. The guide is provided as-is and may not be updated or maintained by Ultra.cc. Unofficial support may be offered via Discord only and at the sole discretion of Ultra.cc staff. Use at your own risk and only proceed if you are comfortable managing the application on your own.

qBit Manage is a tool to manage your qBittorrent instance from the CLI. Included features are change tag, categories, remove unregistered torrents, and a lot more.



Do note, qBit Manage is only compatible with qBittorrent versions up to 4.6.2. It is currently not working with the latest qBittorrent version 4.6.3

git clone https://github.com/StuffAnThings/qbit_manage ~/.apps/qbit_manage
cd ~/.apps/qbit_manage
pip install -r requirements.txt
cp ~/.apps/qbit_manage/config/config.yml.sample ~/.apps/qbit_manage/config/config.yml
nano ~/.apps/qbit_manage/config/config.yml
python ~/.apps/qbit_manage/qbit_manage.py -h


rm -rf ~/.apps/qbit_manage

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