This unofficial app installation script is provided for your convenience. The script is provided as-is and may not be updated or maintained by Ultra.cc. Customers are welcome to use and customize unofficial app installers for their unique needs and requirements. Unofficial support may be offered via Discord only and at the sole discretion of Ultra.cc staff. Use at your own risk and only proceed if you are comfortable managing the application on your own.

Kometa (previously known as Plex Meta Manager) is an open source Python 3 project that has been designed to ease the creation and maintenance of metadata, collections, and playlists within a Plex Media Server. The script is able to update information based on sources outside your Plex environment.

Make sure to configure the application properly to avoid breaking our Fair Usage Policy. For detailed instructions on how to configure the application, follow this link.



bash <(wget -qO- https://scripts.usbx.me/util/Kometa/main.sh)



As Kometa is not a GUI application, all configuration must be done by editing the config file. Luckily, Kometa offers great documentation on their wiki. By default, the unofficial installer script will configure the config file with the bare necessities needed for Kometa to work. This includes your Plex server URL, token and TMDb API key. The latter is manually entered by the user during installation.

Log file

Stopping and Starting The Service

systemctl --user stop kometa.service
systemctl --user restart kometa.service


bash <(wget -qO- https://scripts.usbx.me/util/Kometa/main.sh)

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