Autoscan replaces the default method of updating your Plex, Jellyfin, or Emby libraries by the use of webhooks sent from the Connect feature within Sonarr and Radarr. More information can be found here:

Notable benefits of autoscan over Radarr/Sonarr Connect:

This installer, and guide, assumes that your Radarr/Sonarr and media server applications such as Plex, Jellyfin, or Emby, are all on the same service


Autoscan will use a token to gain access to your media server application to perform its update functions.

Plex Token

Jellyfin API Token







Emby API Token






Disable Media Server's Internal Scans

Autoscan is meant to handle your media center's scanning entirely, so it is recommended to disable your Plex, Jellyfin, or Emby's internal scanning settings to avoid any conflicts.

Disable Plex's Internal Scanning

Scan my library automatically: DISABLED
Run a partial scan when changes are detected: DISABLED
Scan my library periodically: DISABLED

Disable Jellyfin's Internal Scanning

Jellyfin Scan Schedule



Jellyfin Individual Library Settings

Disable Emby's Internal Scanning

Emby Scan Schedule



Emby Individual Library Settings


bash <(wget -qO-

Adding Webhooks to Sonarr and Radarr

After successfully installing autoscan via the script you will see the two Webhook URLs shown that are needed to add to your Sonarr and Radarr instances

Sonarr Webhook

Radarr Webhook

Optional Setup Settings

Anchors for Mounts

Autoscan has the ability check first for anchor files to prevent library updates in the case of a mount being offline. This can allow the use of the Plex library setting Empty trash automatically after every scan safely to avoid the loss of library metadata in the case of a mount going offline. Use at your own risk

The following assumes you've used our rclone mount guides for your mount locations. If you have custom mount paths and/or multiple mounts, then you will need to modify your anchor file locations accordingly

touch ~/Stuff/Mount/.anchor
  - /home/{USERNAME}/MergerFS/.anchor

In .yml and .yaml configurations files, improper use of indentation will prevent the configuration file from working correctly. Its important that no blank space be in front of the anchors: line and 2 blank spaces be in front of the - /home/{USERNAME}/MergerFS/.anchor line.

systemctl --user restart autoscan

Use With Multiple Media Servers

The unofficial autoscan installer is only written for installation with a single media server in mind, however autoscan supports all three Plex, Jellyfin, and Emby media servers.

systemctl --user restart autoscan

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