Auto Remove Torrents

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Autoremove Torrents is an open-source Python project that allows the automatic removal of torrents from various torrent clients based on configurable criteria. It can help manage disk space by deleting torrents when they are finished seeding. Here's the GitHub page of the project.


Supported Clients

Autoremove Torrents works with the following torrent clients:


From PyPI

This will install the latest stable release:

pip install autoremove-torrents

From Source

This allows installing the development version:

git clone
cd autoremove-torrents
python install --user


Autoremove Torrents uses a YAML configuration file to define the torrent clients and removal rules. By default, Autoremove Torrents will look for a configuration file in the shell's current working directory. But, you can store the configuration file somewhere else and point to it while using Autoremove Torrents. See the below usage instructions for more information.

Client Configuration

First, you need to specify connection details for each torrent client:

  client: qbittorrent
  username: <your-username>
  password: <your-password>

  client: deluge
  host: IP:Daemon port
  username: <your-username>
  password: <your-password>

Removal Strategies

Next, define removal strategies under each client. For example:


    remove: ratio > 2

      min: 10
      path: /downloads
      action: remove-big-seeds


autoremove-torrents --conf=/path/to/config.yml
autoremove-torrents --conf=/path/to/config.yml --task transmission
autoremove-torrents --view --conf=/path/to/config.yml --task transmission

Dry run allows you to see what would be deleted without actually removing anything.


# Run at 2AM every day
0 2 * * * /path/to/autoremove-torrents --conf=/path/to/config.yml


pip uninstall autoremove-torrents
rm -rf ~/.config/autoremove-torrents && rm -rf ~/.apps/autoremove-torrents

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