Ultra.cc Subprocessors and Cookies

Ultra.cc provides a great deal of transparency regarding how we collect, store, process, and share your data. We provide this page, which details our subprocessors, how we use cookies, and tracking methods to improve our services.

When we share your information with third-party subprocessors, we remain responsible for it. We work very hard to maintain your trust when we bring on new vendors; we require them to enter into data protection agreements that restrict their processing of Users' Personal Information (as defined in the Privacy Statement).

 Company Description
Hetzner  Website Hosting Provider
 Amazon Web Services Email Service Provider
 Google Workspaces Customer ticketing mail service provider
 Sentry.io  Application monitoring provider
 JIRA  Team collaboration and project management platform
 PayPal  Payment Provider
 Coinbase  Cryptocurrency Payment provider
 YISP  Server’s network and rack space provider
 NovoServe Server’s network and rack space provider

When we bring on a new subprocessor who handles our Users' Personal Information or remove a subprocessor or change how we use a subprocessor, we will update this page.

This section of the policy explains the cookies that we use on our services to ensure a consistent and effective user experience and a secure environment.

We use cookies of both type Session & persistent cookies,

These cookies are further classified into the following categories:

Strictly Necessary & Security Cookies

Performance & Analytics

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