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Ubooquity is a free home server for your comics and ebooks library.

Different WebUIs

  • Ubooquity has two different WebUIs. One is for accessing your media, and the other is the admin login which is meant for managing your Ubooquity instance.

  • The Admin Login can be accessed using the Admin URL and your Ubooquity media can be accessed using the Library URL as given in your Control Panel.

  • Our Ubooquity installer sets up an account for both endpoints with the username of your service and the password that you provided during installation.

Initial Setup

Login to your Ubooquity instance’s Admin endpoint to configure it. We will go over the important settings in detail below.


Please do not set the Automatic scan period to a value lower than 6 hours.

  • Here you can see an overview of Ubooquity’s status.
  • The Automatic scan Period is set to 12 hours.


Comics & Books

  • The default folder for Comics is /home/{username}/media/Comics and for Books it is /home/{username}/media/Books.
  • You can add your Comic and Book content to the above directories respectively and use the LAUNCH NEW SCAN button from the General tab to populate your Comics/Books in Ubooquity.



  • Optionally, you can also use the ADD FOLDER… button to setup more folders for Comics. Remember to create the diretory beforehand!
  • If you do make changes to the configuration, remember to click on the SAVE AND RESTART button in the top-right.


The Open Publication Distribution System (OPDS) can be enabled on your Ubooquity instance to share content to compatible applications.

Enable OPDS

  • Login to the Admin Endpoint of Ubooquity using the Admin URL given in your Control Panel.

  • Head over to the ADVANCED tab and check Enable OPDS feed.

  • Then, click on SAVE AND RESTART.


Accessing content via OPDS

  • By default, all your OPDS feeds will have basic authentication setup. The username and password will be the same, as given in your Control Panel in Ubooquity’s information section.

  • OPDS feed for Books: https://{username}.{servername}

  • OPDS feed for Comics: https://{username}.{servername}