ruTorrent Ratio Groups

Ratio groups are an advanced feature in rTorrent & ruTorrent that give you precise control over seeding rules and conditions for your torrents. With detailed ratio groups configurations, you can automatically manage seeding and uploading behavior across your entire torrent library.


Accessing Ratio Groups Settings

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Ratio Group Conditions

Each ratio group contains a set of conditions that must be met for the configured action to trigger:

Understanding How Ratio Group Conditions Work

Here is a table showing examples of how the conditions interplay to trigger the action:

Min % Max % Min UL Max Time Action? Reasoning
Yes No Yes No Yes Min conditions met
No Yes No No Yes Max condition met
No No Yes No No Need both min conditions
Yes No No Yes No Need both min conditions
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes All conditions met

As shown, the action occurs when:

So you have full flexibility to combine conditions or isolate certain rules.

Common Ratio Group Configurations

Here are some useful ratio group configurations you may want to employ:

Simple Ratio Stopping

Scenario: Stop seeding when a torrent reaches a specified ratio.


This will stop all torrents when they reach 2.0 ratio.

Time Limited Seeding

Scenario: Stop seeding after a certain amount of time, regardless of ratio.


This will stop all torrents after 48 hours seeded, no matter the ratio.

Combined Ratio and Time Stopping

Scenario: Stop seeding based on ratio OR time, whichever comes first.


This stops at 2.0 ratio or 48 hours, whichever happens first.

Fixed Upload Amount Stopping

Scenario: Stop seeding after uploading a fixed amount of data.


This stops all torrents after 10GB uploaded, regardless of ratio.

Stop Unseeded Torrents

Scenario: Stop torrents that don't reach set ratio after a certain time period.


Stops torrents unseeded after 1 week.

Additional Points and Tips

Here are some additional tips to keep in mind when working with ratio groups:

The possibilities are endless for creating automated, intelligent seeding behaviors with ratio groups. Use them wisely and they will make torrent library management a breeze.

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