Ultra.cc Network Rerouting Tool

The reroute tool does not work with IPV6 addresses yet. Please disable IPV6 and use IPV4.
Please do not use the reroute tool while connected to a VPN or Proxy.

Transits Available on our Network

CDN77 includes a direct connection to Core‑Backbone, Cogent, GTT, NTT, Sparkle, Liberty Global, Arelion, and Orange.

Reroute Tool Guide


MultiStream disabled ensures that the speed test only occurs using a single connection from your client to the server. This is representative of a single-file's FTP download speed and a single stream via Media Servers like Plex. Therefore, MultiStream disabled is recommended when re-routing.
Leave it enabled if you wish to speed test with multiple connections from your client to the server.


The Dynamic route refers to your default route. The one before you perform a re-route.



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