HTTP Access

This book will guide you on how to quickly download your files off your service using your web browser with HTTP Access.

Downloading Files from your Slot using HTTP Access

One way to manage files from your slot into your computer is through HTTP access. This provides you a quick and secure way to download files to your computer from your slot by using your web browser.

It is not meant for you to share files with your friends. For that you need to either use Userland ProFTPD, Filebrowser, Nextcloud.

Take note that HTTP Access counts towards your allocated upload bandwidth.

::: warning Sharing your files to the public is considered to be abuse by USB TOS and will be subjected to immediate termination. :::

In this guide, we'll be setting up HTTP access and adding a folder to your HTTP Access page.

Initial Setup

Setting Up HTTP Access

Adding Folders to HTTP Access

Please note: Linux is case sensitive and you may need to confirm the upper or lower case to use when you create the symbolic link.

ln -s ~/{folder-name} ~/www/{folder-name}

usbdocs@lw873:~$ ls
bin  Downloads  files  media  openvpn  watch  www
usbdocs@lw873:~$ ln -s ~/downloads/ ~/www/downloads