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Emby Is a proprietary media server written in C# that organizes, plays, and streams audio and video to a variety of devices. Prior to Emby's 3.5.3 release (and subsequently Emby 3.6, which has since been closed-source), Emby's source code was initially an open-source project, with subsequent releases being released to their website are marked as proprietary. Jellyfin is the fork of Emby prior to re-license.

For more information about this app, please visit this link.

In this section, we will detail the initial configuration of Emby. This assumes that you have the following:

  • An service of at least Tank tier or higher

Clients like Android, Firestick, iOS, Roku, etc. requires manual connections, Emby connection will not function. You will find Connect to server manually under the Emby connect prompt.


  • Your username for Emby will be the username you choose when you signed up and the password you set during the installation procedure.
  • Click connect to launch the Emby WebUI over SSL

We provide two pre-created folders for you to populate your content. The default names of Movies and Shows with the locations of ~/media/Movies/ and ~/media/TV Shows/, respectively.

Stable or Beta

It is not possible to revert from beta to stable branch as their respective databases are not compatible. Please take proper measures, and backup your existing Emby config and database before switching to beta branch.

Emby can be installed on stable or beta branch.

  • If you do not have Emby installed on your service, you can install Emby with beta branch by executing the following command:
app-emby install -p <password> -v beta
  • To upgrade an existing Emby instance from stable to beta branch, execute the following command:
app-emby upgrade -v beta 

Troubleshooting Information

Why does Emby connect not work? Which port should I use in my Emby Client?

Due to our infrastructure, Emby Connect doesn't work because it's looking for Emby instances on their default port (8096). You may have to just manually connect under manually connect server or a similar option. Listed below are the client connection details that you will enter.

It is not recommended to use NON SSL connections as these are far less secure than SSL, which will function in nearly all cases.

Client Connection Details

SSL (https)

Port: Leave blank

Username: Your slot's username that you entered during signup
Servername: (e.g., myles)
SSL for Apple TV
Username: Your slot's username that you entered during signup
Servername: (e.g., myles)

Non-SSL (http)

Port: Emby Port Under Applications -> Emby

Username: Your slot's username that you entered during signup
Servername: (e.g., myles)