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Doplarr is a Radarr, Sonarr, and Overseerr request bot for Discord. Doplarr can perform requests with either Radarr/Sonarr or Overseerr using your Discord bot application.


  • Discord account and private server for the bot application
  • If using the Radarr/Sonarr request method, then Radarr and/or Sonarr will need to be already installed and with their respective Media Root Folders already configured
  • If using the Overseerr request method, then Overseerr will need to be already installed with Radarr and/or Sonarr already configured within Overseerr


  • From within the User Control Panel, go to the Installers tab and find Doplarr, click the green Install button.

  • As shown in the above image, you need to enter your Discord Bot Token and enable at least one of the *arr applications. Continue the guide below for instructions on how to get your Discord Bot Token.
  • If you want Doplarr to send requests directly to your *arrs, simply enable Radarr and/or Sonarr only. Radarr/Sonarr must already be installed. OR If you want Doplarr to send requests via Overseerr, enable Overseerr. Overseerr must already be installed.
  • Once you have entered the Discord Bot Token and enabled at least one of the *arrs. Click the green Install button.


  • To add Jellyseerr to Doplarr, execute the following command:
app-doplarr install -d <discord_token> -j
  • However, as Jellyseerr is not officially supported by Doplarr, the installation process is customized, and it might not work as expected. Use at your own risk.

Setting Up Your Discord Bot Application

  • Create a new Discord Application and name it accordingly



  • It is strongly suggested to DISABLE the Public Bot option, otherwise other Discord users will have the ability to add your bot to their servers and add requests to your applications


  • Retrieve your bot token by clicking the Reset Token button. Make sure to save your bot token somewhere safe as you will not be able to retrieve it again without resetting the token.


  • Click the OAuth2 menu item on the left side menu and then the sub menu URL Generator.


  • In the SCOPES section select the bot and applications.commands scopes.


  • In the Bot Permissions section, select the Use Slash Commands

  • To invite your Discord Application bot to your Discord server. Copy the GENERATED URL and open it in your web browser.

  • Make sure to open the ADD TO SERVER dropdown menu and select the Discord server you want to add your bot to.
  • Click Continue to authorize and add your bot to your Discord server.
  • Once you have invited your Discord Application bot to your server you will see it in your member list, however it will be in the offline state until you install Doplarr using your bot’s token

Installing Doplarr for Overseerr Requests

Prerequisite for using Overseerr for your Doplarr Discord bot requests

When using Doplarr for Overseerr requests, you will need to first add your primary admin Discord handle USER ID to your Overseer application’s settings.

  • Navigate to your primary Discord handle’s User Settings by clicking the cog in the lower left corner next to your Discord handle discord-handle-settings.png
  • Select Advanced in bottom of the APP SETTINGS sections from the left column discord-handle-settings-advanced.png
  • ENABLE the Developer Mode from within the advanced settings page discord-handle-settings-advanced-dev-mode.png
  • Click ESC in the top right corner of the advanced settings page to return discord-handle-settings-advanced-esc.png
  • Right/Control click on your Discord handle (not your bot application) and select Copy ID discord-handle-copyID.png
  • Navigate to your Overseerr application and select USERS from the left column
  • Click EDIT for your primary Overseerr user
  • From here you will paste your primary Discord handle’s ID into the Discord User ID field and then click the Save Changes button in the lower right corner overseerr-discord-ID.png

Sending Commands To Your Doplarr Discord Application Bot

Once you have completed all steps above, and confirmed your Doplarr Discord Application Bot is online within your private Discord server, you can then type out the / character to see a list of commands offered by the Doplarr bot to use accordingly.