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Credit Balance

Clients can store funds in their credit balance and use them to purchase new services or automatically pay the future invoices for their existing services.

  • Funds can be added to the credit balance of your billing account in multiple ways. Some of them are discussed below.

Add Funds option in the Billing Area


  • The funds added via this option will be stored in your account's credit balance.


  • In the case that a client has duplicate PayPal Subscriptions for the same service, the amount is sent twice. In this case, any extra funds that are sent always end up in your account's credit balance.

Refund Process

  • If you are ineligibe for a refund to your original mode of payment, you can always get a refund to your account's credit balance.

Checking the funds in your credit balance

  • Login to your Billing Area.
  • Click on the Notifications Tab at the top of screen to view the funds in your credit balance. Ultra_000164.png