Client Area (Manage Billing)

Helpful articles regarding your account's client area can be found here.

Credit Balance

Clients can store funds in their credit balance and use them to purchase new services or automatically pay the future invoices for their existing services.

Add Funds option in the Billing Area



Refund Process

Checking the funds in your credit balance

Cancellation Request

This guide outlines how to create a cancellation request for your service.

If you are eligible for a refund it is not enough to only request a cancellation. You also need to request a refund by submitting a ticket in your Client Area.



Ideally, you should only choose Immediate cancellation type if you are eligible for a refund. Otherwise, always default to End of Billing Period type of cancellation.


Extra Upload Bandwidth Addons

We offer extra upload bandwidth addons for clients that require more upload traffic than is available on our base plans.

Purchasing an Upload Traffic Addon

Extra upload bandwidth addons are a monthly subscription and will be up for renewal every month unless cancelled. Kindly go through the Cancelling an Upload Traffic Addon, and Cancellation Issues section given below if you only require the extra upload bandwidth for a limited time period.


Traffic Reset Date and Extra Traffic Addons


Cancelling an Upload Traffic Addon

Cancellation Issues